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Are you looking for a roofing Hanover PA company specializing in repairing and fixing roof damage? Look no further! We are Roofing Warriors Hanover, PA, and we’ve been offering roofing services to the surrounding area for over a decade. We use top-of-line materials and modern equipment to ensure these repairs are guaranteed safe, allowing us to offer homeowners a 100% satisfaction guarantee on all our work!

Professional Roofing Service Hanover PA

Roofing Service In Hanover PA

If you live near a location of Hanover where roof damage is common, you’re likely to need roof repair service. But it could also be due to wear and tear on your roof that leaves a lot of potential for leaks, cracks, or tiles falling off. Clean-up from snow and rain can damage openings allowing problems to surface unannounced, so having a professional look at your home will eliminate the chance of costly mistakes or damage. That’s why we build roofs to last with quality materials by highly trained roofers that provide quality repair work around the clock. We have decades of experience in roofing Hanover PA and are confident we can get you back on top of your game quickly without creating extra repairs down the line.

Roof Repair Hanover PA

Some of the most common types roofers work on include:

  1. Hurricane zones.
  2. Water leaks from your home’s gutters.
  3. Rainfall damages the cement around chimneys.
  4. Damaged tiles from broken shingles.
  5. Dented or missing gutters in need of repair.

This can lead to more serious difficulties in Hanover, PA. So having a business as Roofing Warriors will keep you safe while living where weather conditions can be dangerous. We always use top-quality materials when building roofs and never rush through repairs, even if it’s only a missing tile or light.

What Do We Offer?

Roof Repair Hanover PA

We’ll get to the root of your issues via professional roofing inspection from high-level state-certified inspectors that have been trained to see hidden or not apparent problems. We offer the following roofing services in Hanover:

Leak Barrier

A leak Barrier is a technique used to prevent water from getting onto the roof. This process helps block rain and melting snow, resulting in significant issues and repairs later down the line at a higher price. We only use polyurethane foam during this procedure and other high-quality materials like green products. So you won’t have any issues when we’re finished with your new roofs.

Roof Coat

Your home or business can be protected from water damage by applying a waterproof roof coating. You’ll need this on all of the new installations that are getting done in Hanover PA, along with a warranty that will protect against future issues over time through our square footage insured company policy.

Gutter Repair Refinish

We use premium-quality materials such as gutters and uPVC. At the same time, giving us an understanding of how we can fix the gutter problem at no extra cost, such as patching, reusing a gutter, or entirely replacing it depending on what will be needed for your type of house.

Tile Replacement & Repairs

We offer new replacement tiles that look good or better than your originals. You can allow us to design the colors, or we’ll go off of our recommendations. Tiles are placed carefully using the best techniques that we have and methods. When you need something done to your roof, choose us as one of several trusted companies in Pennsylvania!

Specialty in Our Services

Some specialties that differentiate us from other roofing contractors Hanover PA are:


We are bonded and insured with a company that has proven itself to be trusted in the industry.

Roof Inspections

We will also inspect your roof and give you a written report on our findings, including the options that we recommend for solutions.

Roof Painting

Our in-house painter is fully trained to paint roofs and offers you a written report on their findings.

Certified Workers

We have vetted roofing workers in our staff and will look out for the employer’s performance when hiring. This means you will be in the hands of an experienced roofing worker and not a new one with time to learn.

More Efficient Than Any Other

We are more efficient than any other contractor Hanover PA you can get. We do not use subcontractors and work solely on the roof of your house to hold down costs, just like we did with all our previous customers’ projects.

Lifetime Warranty and Hassle-Free Service

We offer you a lifetime warranty on the work and all the roofing equipment we use. In addition, whenever you need any help from your contractor’s staff or us, it is just a call/email away and one call to talk through what could be done for future projects.

Contact Us Today!

So what are you waiting for? If you are looking for a roofing company Hanover PA, just give us a call! You can even fill out our contact form! One of our representatives is 100% guaranteed to contact you back. Our team is available 24/7 to answer your question and assist in explaining the process and determining if we are a right fit for YOU!


Yes. We do not consider our clients prospective buyers rather than potential customers and are always willing to provide a fair estimate without hesitation.

We will not start roofing work until a thorough inspection is done. We want to make sure we are working in familiar areas and know-how far our job will be completed by the time it’s over.

With the proper skill and knowledge of roofing, roofs, on average, take 3 or 4 days to complete. Factors such as slight weather conditions and the availability of workers will determine the speed at which an average roof installation can be finished.

Yes. A knowledgeable contractor of the Pennsylvania roofing market can deliver a fair and beneficial estimate.

We do not employ subcontractors; we work solely on completing projects such as this one. Which results in superior quality roofs and better pricing than similar contracting companies or organizations in PA.